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Dia daoibh! This first post will explain the purpose of my blog and what you can expect. Recently, my partner presented me with a challenge: cook my way through an entire vegan cookbook. There have been similar vegan cookbook challenges, but I haven’t yet heard of anyone making every recipe in a cookbook (it’s sort of like an animal-friendly Julie/Julia Project). I already have a huge collection of vegan cookbooks (and I’m sure he meant for me to choose one of them), but of course I went right out and bought a new one. After careful consideration, the winner was …. Veganomicon by Isa Chandra Moskowitz and Terry Hope Romero, two of the best vegan chefs out there.

Recipes will be chosen in random order to avoid a week’s worth of sauces or desserts (although I suppose that wouldn’t be too bad ….). I won’t post recipes here (in the hope that everyone will buy this great cookbook), but I will make a note of any substitutions or revisions I might make to a recipe (usually based on availability of ingredients – I live in a small town without a health food store). I’ll also be posting pictures for most recipes and my thoughts about the recipes and finished products.

Veganomicon has a lot of recipes, so this challenge will take me awhile to complete. But I’m up for it, and excited for the opportunity to try new recipes and improve my cooking skills. DĂșil sa bhia agaibh!



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