A Hummus Recipe

First up: the appetizer classic, hummus. This was my first attempt making homemade hummus. My father-in-law makes a delicious hummus from scratch, but I’ve never been so brave. I have to say, though, I was impressed! It wasn’t very difficult, and the results were delicious. The recipe says super creamy hummus is the result of using a blender. This made me happy, as I don’t have a food processor and usually end up subbing my blender for recipes calling for food processors. While making the recipe, I was a little frustrated because I wasn’t satisfied with the texture of the hummus – it seemed too grainy. But my blender sounded like it was about to give up, so I called it good after about 10 minutes of pulsing the hummus. I choose to follow one of the “variations;” I folded in about 1/2 cup of roasted red pepper. The hummus was even better after chilling. I served it with whole wheat pita.

Recipe: A Hummus Recipe (pg 67)

Rating: 4/5


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